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There are things that are known, and things that are unknown, and in between, there are ORION DOORS There are things that are known, and things that are unknown, and in between, there are ORION DOORS
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Flush Door

Our flush doors are manufactured from selected hard wood timber with preservative treated and well seasoned. Due to more durable and highly dimensionally stable our products are used for interior and exterior purpose both. Not only our doors are structurally strong but also they act as good insulators against heat and sound.




Cross bands are uniformly dried to the required moisture as per IS: 1141-1991 in thermic fluid drier. To make it stress free cross bands are tenderized.


Superior quality of phenol formaldehyde synthetic resin (BWP Grade) confirming to IS: 848-1974 is used for bonding 100% boiling waterproof.


To make our products termite and fungus resistance, timber and cross bands both are treated by fixed type of preservative chemicals as per IS: 401-1982.


To relieve external stresses during hot pressing special treatment to the flush door is given.


Technical specification checked at our Laboratory


S. No. Tests Result
1 Shock resistance test No visible damage or permanent deformation and damage.
2 Slamming test No visible damage after 100 succession impact
3 Misuse test No permanent deformation
4 End immersion test No delamination at the end of the test
5 Glue adhesion No delamination
6 Screw withdrawal resistance More than 1100 N load at screw withdrawal no delamination and extra chipping at the points of withdrawal
7 Flexure test Residual deflection below 1/10th of maximum deflection.
8 Edge loading test

Deflection at max. Load of the edge below 5mm, residual deflection .4mm

Lateral bucking at maximum load below 2mm, no lateral bucking after removal of load.
9 Buckling test Residual deflection below 4mm initial deflection below 45mm
10 Varying humidity test Maximum departure from the general plainness below 1.0 mm, no visible warping, twisting and delamination and also recovery of the original size after subjecting the door to high and low humidity shall be at least 97% of the change in dimensioning.


Standard Sizes


Single leaf Double leaf

1905 mm X 700 mm

1905 mm X 1100 mm

1905 mm X 800 mm 2005 mm X 1100 mm
1905 mm X 900 mm  
2005 mm X 700 mm  
2005 mm X 800 mm  
2005 mm X 900 mm  

Note: - non-modular sizes also available as purchaser’s requirement.



25 mm 30 mm 35 mm 40 mm


Technical Specifications for Customers to checked their Quarries Themselves at our lab


S. No. Tests Results
1 Dimensional and square ness

Width and height below ± 5mm nominal thickness within a limit of ± 8mm

Square ness below 1mm at 500-length variation below. 7mm.
2 General flatness test Twist, dipping & warping below 4mm
3 Local plainness test Depth of deviation below 0.4mm
4 Impact indentation test Depth of indentation below 0.2mm without cracking tearing and delamination.
5 Knife test Excellent bond



After processing we dip flush doors while in hot condition then stack it for minimum 12 hours before sizing. In lamination sponge spreads a thin layer of water over surface after hot pressing is done.